Women’s Cultural Co-Op

Women’s contribution to the culture of daily life is at the forefront of the StarkLight Recreation Society. We encourage all our members to explore the ancient and time-tested tips, tricks and techniques our ancestresses used to improve and beautify our lives- from food preservation techniques, to laundry additives, upcycled and recycled household goods, to fine works of fibre, paint and pottery arts, womens’ cultural history is the focus of our Co-op Initiative.

The StarkLight Recreation Society funds and operates a brick-and-mortar Women’s Co-op in Enderby, B.C. where women manage, operate and staff a cafe, restaurant and boutique featuring handmade food products using traditional recipes and hand-crafted crafts and products.

Women from all walks of life are encouraged to take part in our co-op, featuring sales space, recipe showcases and restaurant sales- all of which encourage financial independence and business development.

We focus on the micro-business model, which is used in developing countries to allow women to develop their own buying power independent of family units. By encouraging women in small communities to get in touch with their cultural heritage as well as developing skills for modern day life, the SRS is helping to encourage women to find their footing in today, by learning about their pasts.

The SRS offers a complete range of support services for women who participate in the co-op so that they can go from a part-time crafting hobby to a full-time business featuring learned skills and techniques from the past, which gives women pride of accomplishment as well as pride of heritage. We encourage women to develop their own brand, learn about marketing skills and develop their traditional knowledge in ways that are in demand in today’s marketplace.

Visit our Co-op in Enderby, BC on Cliff Avenue to have a healthy, organic meal based on traditional recipes and peruse our plethora of craft and household items… all made from local Enderby citizens.

From our green power initiatives to our commitment to zero-carbon product developments, the SRS is fully committed to developing a sustainable, long-term, low-footprint women’s initiative for Shuswap citizens.

The SRS supports the Women’s Co-op through funding management, business oversight and, most of all, proudly protecting its Safe Space commitment for women and vulnerable members of our society… ensuring that all people have a space to explore cultural hobbies and crafts, and to share their wares in a supportive environment.