StarkLight Re-Creation Society

At the base of this remarkable endeavour is the StarkLight Re-Creation Society. This is a non-profit group of artisans, scholars, tradesmen, historians and supporters of culture that have gathered together to celebrate both heritage and modern cultural expression.

Our society has as its primary mandate the investigation into and development of traditional methods of living. This wide-ranging scope can include any vocation from weaving and textile-making to blacksmithing to architecture to the culinary arts. Performance arts, art and adornment and information transmission such as oral tradition or writing/transcription are also included.

The Society is set into separate, semi-independent sub groups with members from across the world, although the focus of material development for patron consumption is in the Peace River Region, B.C, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick

Faculties of Study include, but are not limited to:

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Textiles, Fashion and Fibre Production



Culinary Arts




Animal Husbandry



Self-Defense and the Cultural Aspects of Group Protection


Food Preservation and Brewing


Medicinal Arts

Mythology, Stories and their Propagation


Members of the SRCS may be research fellows in more than one faculty of study. Each faculty is headed by a three-person committee who directs the overall scope of that faculty’s study, the way the individual research projects will combine to form a body of work useable by the Society for its re-creations.

Research fellows set up investigative topics in their respective fields of study and pursue research papers, real-life recorded demonstrations, re-enactments and product development in these areas. Members then present their papers, videos, performances on this page and at live meetings held in Dawson Creek, B.C.  International members are encouraged to attend via Skype or messenger where they can still view videos, photos etc of the individual research projects.

The body of work that the StarkLight Re-creation Society develops is used as a reference guide for the development of our heritage spaces as well as the traditional work that will be produced in them. The information the Society gleans will also be available in the heritage spaces as well as forming the background for the educational aspect of the attraction these spaces provide.

The StarkLight Re-Creation society plans to release large, full-color reference texts on its individual categories of study, released from Arras Books. In addition, video caches available on YouTube and other platforms will make the videos, tutorials and performances available for SRCS members throughout the world… and for the public, as well.

Although efforts are focused solely in the Peace Region for development of real-time, concrete heritage spaces, it is the hope of the SRCS that it can soon develop interested groups throughout the world ready to propagate our model of a fusion of historical re-creation, education and heritage-informed modern art.

For interested parties who wish to join the society, please peruse the list of available categories of study below. If an area of study is not on the list, but you feel it would make a valuable addition to the program, please contact us at so that we may add your field of study.

You can contact us by phone at 778-358-9436 between 10 am and 5 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Charles Stark and Anthony Stark, Founders, SCRS.


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