StarkLight Re-Creation Society Public Events Charter


Mission Statement

StarkLight Recreation Society dedicates its activities in public and private spheres to the creation and maintenance of a supportive atmosphere for creativity.

  1. In our public events, StarkLight Recreation Society creates a positive and supportive gathering to foster creativity and free expression in all literary, craft and artistic areas. Inclusivity of all members of our public groups and meetings, with a nurturing and supportive environment for all, is paramount.

  2. We will provide access to public learning and craft gatherings regardless of race, creed, gender identity, marital status, family status, nationality, orientation or mental or physical disability and make every attempt to accommodate everyone.

  3. We will provide access to resources for information regarding all aspects of the craft and creative pursuits currently provided for public interaction with StarkLight Recreation Society, and will encourage all members to share their expertise through various means with other members.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Any discriminatory or derogatory behaviour, writing or speech, whether against a member of the group or posted publicly, is grounds for immediate dismissal from any public group, if the director’s recommendations are not heeded.

  2. To further continued harmony of continued events, any member has access to the directors of StarkLight Recreation Society public groups for secure dialogues regarding complaints. The following flowchart of remedies is available to any individual who feels they have been discriminated against:



  1. All Intellectual Property (includes physical products of that property and photos of that property) presented at public groups belong solely to the creators of said Property. StarkLight Recreation Society forbids any theft of ideas, images, phrases or other particulars of that Property outside the group and furthermore holds all members to respect those Intellectual Property rights.

Sharing of the particulars of others’ Intellectual Property outside the group without the creator’s express oral or written consent is forbidden. This includes images of said Property.

Any breach of these guidelines will be grounds for immediate dismissal from StarkLight Recreation Society public groups. Furthermore, any plagiarism or theft of Intellectual Property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Canadian and International Laws, including but not limited to those of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). StarkLight Recreation Society and its public participants agree to assist fully in any way to expedite the upholding of these laws.

  1. Any Intellectual property to be utilized in a publication, show or other display by StarkLight Recreation Society will only be utilized if the creator has signed a StarkLight Recreation Society release form for that instance. Cross-platform utilization of any Intellectual Property or images requires a separate contract. Any work done with a creator or their piece under contract falls outside the scope of this public charter and is bound by the terms of said contract, which are governed by the laws of Canada and, where applicable, of British Columbia.

You can read a copy of our public events charter here

StarkLight Recreation Society

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