Norse and Germanic Centre

As one of our first five galleries, the Norse and Germanic Centre will feature spaces to display art not only inspired by this heritage, but modern art as well.

A gallery where the form inspires the patron to a better understanding of artist and subject.

The interior space will feature historical education about the design and construction of the gallery, historical interactive displays as well as hanging art, sculpture and performance.

Imagine an authentic space such as this, with modern art and sculpture, local performances and theatre to engage and inspire the patrons…


In addition, our Norse and Germanic centre supports preservation of traditional food production, preservation and the vibrant culture surrounding food fellowship. We have amassed a considerable number of anthropological, cultural and archaeological references from our partners at leading universities, , which form the basis of our lesson plans for classes in this vibrant field.

Classes and seminars include blacksmithing and sword-making workshops, ship-building principles, navigation, natural home construction and traditional beliefs courses. Open to all, SRS members receive discounts on class costs, supplies and added tutoring.

Look for our new, socially distant course calendar for Norse, Germanic Celtic and other classes, coming soon!


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