SRS Ogham Course

Learn this fascinating 11th Century Celtic alphabet in 2021!

Seats are limited for this three seminar course, featuring history, folklore,

archeological evidence, syntax and usage. Attendees will be able to make their

own Ogham casting set in the first class, and will compile a Celtic-inspired

artwork with their own Ogham inscription in the third class! Learn how to

spell and utilize Ogham in your art. Attendees may purchase the SRS Ogham

Notebook, featuring high-quality, blank cream pages and gloss cover with

original artwork (6″x9″, 100 pp), for the at-cost price ($8.25 instead of $13.00).


Seats will be limited for this course, and include materials. Maximum 10 –

reserve early to ensure you are able to attend all three!

$30 per course, reserve a seat at all three for $80.

Contact for more information and to reserve

your seat today.

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SRS Rune Workshop 2020

Look for Rune workshops this November and December in Enderby & Fort Nelson this year, with a possible addition of Terrace, TBD.

These ever-popular four week seminars cover rune history, mythology, syntax, pronunciation, traditional uses, ongoing applications. In addition, each attendee will be able to make their own clay rune set, for their personal use. The final course features the creation of a rune-casting mat, and writing lessons to help you to incorporate this striking traditional alphabet in your art.

All attendees will be able to buy the official SRS Rune Notebook at cost (4.75 off list price) – perfect for classroom notetaking, rune casting results and thoughts about Old Norse culture.

Each of the four seminars is $30 for 2.5 hr of classroom time, discussion, practical exercises and rune crafting. Sign up for all four in advance and pay only $105.

Register at to reserve your space today – seats are limited to 10 per course, so contact us early!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Goals for 2017-18

celtic house

At our AGM on July 18th, we had an open forum period where members could suggest their ideal goals for the Recreation Society. Here is the short list- feel free to send in your comments and your own, personal short list to

Look for our official, SRS agenda for the coming year which will focus on several of these ideas!

(Please note that some of our first classes will be offered for the construction of various pieces listed in the Equipment section of the following list)

SRS Goals for the Next Two Years

1. Events

– Early November Cultural Festival with Craft Tables and Performances

– High school bazaars showcasing student art, craft and cultural performances

– “Seeds of the Peace”: Grow your Knowledge gardening event in spring

– Improv nights

– cooperation with local choirs and performers for traditional song performances

– Historical Recreation Events, sales and performances

– Summer craft, art and pioneer hobby classes

2. Large Projects

-Traditional Blacksmithing forge

– Trebuchet

– Catapult

– Greenhouse for Community

– Maps for Forage in Region

– Totem Pole

– Traditional Building Structures

– Celtic tree houses

– Norse long house

– Cob/Adobe

– Hay bale

– Underground Houses

3. Classes

Have classes available for parties and group events

– Canning and Food Preservation classes

– Wicker and willow weaving

– Basketmaking, root woven baskets

– Traditional drum making

– survival workshops

– walking sticks

– henna tattoos and designs

– wood carving in traditional styles

– traditional dance classes

-Log crafting

– Classes in primitive technologies, tool development and hunting/gathering

– Wine, beer and distilled spirits courses

– silk screens

– partner with local groups like Child Development Center for special needs art classes

– traditional blacksmithing, smelting and metalwork

– fibre arts classes: weaving, looms, knitting, crochet and rug making

– music therapy classes using traditional and conventional instruments

– dreamcatchers

– wooden whistles and flutes

– jewelry making and smithing

– Drama classes

– chainmail and chainmail jewelry classes

– wire wrapping

4. Equipment

– pottery kiln

– Glazes and Pottery tools

Metal forge

– tools

– bellows

– hammers

– taps

– dies

– Talking Stick

– Smudge Bowl

– Metal Lathe

– Wood Lathe

-Lap Quilt Frames

-Knitting Looms

-Weaving Looms

– Rock Saw

– Glass blowing, enamelling and supplies

– Planetarium and observatory equipment

– leather stretchers

– traditional food preparation equipment

– hand mills, grinders

– food drying racks


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AGM Creates Plethora of Ideas

On behalf of the StarkLight Recreation Society, I would like to thank everyone who came to the AGM on July 18th to help us to brainstorm, imagine and develop our curriculum, event listing and goals for the coming year.

We had representatives from Northern Lights College, Dawson Creek Farmers’ Market, Faking Sanity, the Child Development Center, Unchaga Hall and local pioneer enthusiasts who came up with an amazing number of exciting ideas for the coming year- as witnessed by the multitude of post it notes on our ideas board.

Check back soon for our SRS events calendar, class list and breakdown of SRS ideas for the coming year, including midnight Astronomy walks and interactive, seasonal food gathering maps?

… Did I mention canning classes and donations to local food banks? *yum!*

In addition, the SRS would like to thank Super 8 Dawson Creek for its conference room and plenty of hot coffee!

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