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SRS Rune Workshop 2020

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, SRS courses are resuming in a restricted access fashion. Local courses, open only to local residents, are the only in-person events which will be held by the StarkLight Recreation Society until further notice.

Check on your regional member site to see locally-sourced courses. All COVID-19 protocols required in your area will be adhered to, to ensure you have a protected learning experience. In addition, the SRS will:

  • ensure social distancing wherever possible
  • take attendee information for contact tracing
  • require masks and gloves when social distancing is not possible
  • provide hand sanitizer and PPE to its attendees

SRS Rune Workshops are Back!

Look for Rune workshops this November and December in Enderby & Fort Nelson this year, with a possible addition of Terrace, TBD.

These ever-popular four week seminars cover rune history, mythology, syntax, pronunciation, traditional uses, ongoing applications. In addition, each attendee will be able to make their own clay rune set, for their personal use. The final course features the creation of a rune-casting mat, and writing lessons to help you to incorporate this striking traditional alphabet in your art.

All attendees will be able to buy the official SRS Rune Notebook at cost (4.75 off list price) – perfect for classroom notetaking, rune casting results and thoughts about Old Norse culture.

Each of the four seminars is $30 for 2.5 hr of classroom time, discussion, practical exercises and rune crafting. Sign up for all four in advance and pay only $105.

Register at to reserve your space today – seats are limited to 10 per course, so contact us early!

**** NOTE****

During this current pandemic situation, the StarkLight Recreation Society has suspended its courses. Although our new program usually comes out for March 31st, it’s release has first been suspended and now is being updated to ensure the SRS complies with all available legislation, guideline and best practice.

When our amended 2020 Course Calendar is released, it will feature some in person, reduced-size classes, but more online teleconference courses than in the previous four years.

Our online classes will offer mailed-to-your-door, sanitized kits of supplies and either print materials or online, downloadable ones for students, thus ensuring the level of quality in our course materials stays at the high level our members have come to appreciate.

As a result, the added cost of mailing coupled with increased need for virtual one-on-one time between student and instructor has reduced course enrollment sizes. While, if the amended course need continues, we are hoping to increase the number of classes, for now registration will be tight. Please book ahead to ensure a seat at our online or in person courses.

Contact us at to book your classes after June 15, when the Course Calendar is going to be released.

Thank you for understanding our need to adjust our approach to the learning, culture and development you’ve come to expect from the StarkLight Recreation Society.


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