Celtic Initiatives

Since the fall of 2018, StarkLight Recreation Society has administered its Celtic Centre, to allow all those who wish to explore their Celtic, Gaelic, Goedelic, Dal Rathian and Hebridean heritage to discover factual, historically accurate and practically useful information.

Together, we have assembled a team of well-versed advisors to help anyone interested in Celtic culture learn how to integrate ancient skills into everyday life. From food cooking, preservation, to hunting, sport, weaving and all forms of art, poetry and music, the SRS has gathered a database of articles and how-to videos to help everyone explore this ancient culture.

The SRS prides itself on only promoting and sharing factual, historically accurate folklore and practical information, eschewing any modernist mashups of adulterated Celtic heritage. We gratefully acknowledge the participation of native Gaelic speakers, Celtic cultural historians and traditional folklorists from clans Gregor, Lindsay, MacIntosh and Sutherland, as well as clans Morrow, McNaughton, Finnegan and residents of Kerry, and Cape Breton, in compiling and annotating our current database.

Courtesy Dumfries Museum and Julie G. Making a Mill Skip in Scotland.

As part of our continued mandate to share Celtic heritage, we have worked with western Canada’s second largest publishing house to create two fabulous coffee table books, the proceeds of which go to our Society and its commitment to public education.

Working closely with anthropologists and historians, the SRS has helped Canadian authors, illustrators and recreation historians to publish two color books about paleolithic living skills and daily cultural practice.

StarkLight Recreation Society also offers a full- color quarterly, Arcana magazine. Along with articles about other worldwide cultures, we also feature Celtic woven patterns for fibre and plant, themed crafts from authentic sources, and paleolithic, ancient grain and gluten-free recipes. In our ninth issue (Dec 2019), we feature holiday-themed solstice crafts, celebrations, and Celtic outings for all ages to celebrate the longest night of the winter grian-stad.

Feast like it’s 4000 BC is a 90 page full color cookbook and handicraft manual, featuring snapshots from our SRS meetings and tutorials, as well as beautiful illustrations and artwork by SRS members. You can order it from us by contacting starklightrecreationdesk@gmail.com.

In addition, our latest book, Doggerland, addresses the common roots of people from places as disparate as Galicia, Spain, Brittany, France, Northumberland, Scottish Trossachs and the Orkneys. It describes one probable explanation for the Doggerland folk, and why they became spread throughout coastal Europe. In addition, detailed illustrations are found throughout, with beautiful photos and illustrations featuring the lifestyle and crafting techniques of our ancestors.

Join our Celtic Initiatives today and take part in our online database and help us with further volumes and videos!

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