Welcome to the Seniors’ Mentorship Program

May 17, 2021 marks the official beginning of the StarkLight Recreation Society’s Seniors Traditional Skills and Mentorship Program. This program is designed to gather the traditional skills, knowledge, personal history, legends and stories of British Columbia’s seniors – videos, documents and podcasts will be made, sharing this wealth of information with future generations. We are […]

How to Get a Moose into Your Freezer – Part 1

In this four-part series, SRS member Will Norton explains the meat and potatoes, pardon the pun, of wild game hunting in Canada. You can view links to other pertinent SRS articles by clicking the highlighted words in the text!     Moose are majestic and beautiful and they’re huge. It’s one thing to take one […]

Scottish Shortbread

Our SRS Member’s Site has links to hundreds of recipes, ancient and less so, featuring food from around the world. For each holiday season that comes along, we like to share a few recipes with you, to ensure you can partake in the holiday spirit! Here’s a link to our recipe for Scottish Shortbread, a […]

SRS Ogham Course

Learn this fascinating 11th Century Celtic alphabet in 2021! Seats are limited for this three seminar course, featuring history, folklore, archeological evidence, syntax and usage. Attendees will be able to make their own Ogham casting set in the first class, and will compile a Celtic-inspired artwork with their own Ogham inscription in the third class! […]

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